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by Joe Mudd on November 16, 2010

Football season was always one of my favorite times with Richard – at least during his more adult years.

While he lived in Lexington he came to most of our pre-game tailgate parties at Commonwealth stadium, when we went to UK games. He didn’t miss much free food. He also liked to come and “discuss” the game.

We discussed and debated a lot of games. OK, we argued about some of them. But it was always in good fun for us both.

But anyway, we watched a lot of games together on TV. College games. NFL games. Lot’s of football.

His room is decorated in a Miami Dolphins theme. He had a Dan Marino bobble-head.

So this year to celebrate the new season I brought down Richard’s TV set and replaced ours with his. He had a very nice big screen LCD HDTV. According to his cousins – former roommates – Richard was very proud of his TV. It’s much bigger than our little 32″ LCD model. It’s been setting up in his room with all the stacks of his other stuff we brought back from his apartment.

So now I watch football on Richard’s TV. I’m sure he’s pleased about that. He tried to get us to buy one like it when we got our little set.

I guess using his TV gives me a little piece of him. A very little piece of him.

But grieving parents have to take what we can get.

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Denise January 8, 2011 at 4:26 pm

Yes we have to do what we need to keep going.Keeping pieces of him. My husband went to Lake Tahoe this weekend helping two of Ryan’s friends move up there. Thats where Ryan lived when he died. Going through our bag of ski clothes we found a pair of Ryan’s ski goggles they were broken, but my husband looked at me and said ” I’m like you. I can’t throw these away! so back into the bag they went. Ryan’s room is the same as he had it before he moved to Tahoe. My mother (UGGHHH! ) said we should make it into an office. Some people never get it.


Becky Loflin June 7, 2012 at 2:52 pm

I know how important all their personal items are to you. My son Marty died in January 2010, after undergoing what a dr said was a “textbook” aortic valve replacement at Pinehurst, NC and I have kept the clothing and personal things all together where I can sit and feel close to him. Most days I pick up a tee shirt and I can still vaguely smell him. I will always cherish and keep what we still have that belonged to him I miss and love him so much – the days are unbearable, and thiis tragedy should not have happened.
Becky Loflin
Marty’s Mama


cathy November 1, 2013 at 11:02 am

im sorry for your loss..i lost my son Anthony sept.11 2013…I still cant believe it he was hit and killed by a train..i just wonder around in this world and feel numb..he was handsome loving and kind hearted..he battled drugs for years and was trying so hard to do good..its so hard he just turned 27..8-17..this year..not sure how I will move on from here…


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