Can the Dead Communicate Using Nature?

Is this hummingbird bringing us a message from Richard?

by Joe Mudd on August 7, 2010

I was sitting on my Cracker Barrel rocking chair this morning, sipping coffee and watching the hummingbirds put on a show. We’ve been putting out feeders for them the past several summers. We’ve seen them flying around our feeders and enjoyed watching them. But this year they are different.

There are a lot of them. They come in bunches. Sometimes one will fly over and hover a few feet away, just watching me. And the chirping. I didn’t know they could do that. I’ve never heard them before. But this year they’re making a¬†ruckus, as they chirp and chatter.

Since joining the grieving parents fraternity I’ve read lot’s of books. Many of the authors claim they receive signs from their parted loved one via nature.

These signs usually come from animals. Or butterflies.

So, is that possible?

It does seem we’ve had more flying critters the past year.

As I mow grass I have butterflies hovering around me. Not the little moths I’m used to seeing, but the big pretty ones that I haven’t noticed in our yard in previous summers. And there was that day last fall when we had an entire tree full of them. I’ve NEVER seen that around here before.

So, is this martin a bringing a message from Richard?

When I’m mowing down the hill behind the house I have an air force of purple martins diving around me. I’ve never seen them out there before. I don’t have any martin houses up. Yet there they are.

During our visit with Sarah in Texas in May it seemed everywhere we went, we’d have a big black grackle¬†screeching at us as soon as we got out of the car. It would be sitting on a sign or shopping cart or tree nearby.

So could these be signs from Richard? Or has the idea been planted in my brain from the stories I’ve read, and now I’m just more observant of the nature that’s been around me all along but I never noticed before? And if Richard can manipulate the animals, why can’t he just come down and talk to me directly?

As usual, these are questions I have no way to answer.

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Meg Tipper December 6, 2010 at 4:02 pm

I just found your site today while researching an article I’m writing for the Bereaved Parents Newsletter called A Journey Together. Your site is good, and I know the writing can help, ourselves and others. This entry caught my eye and I grapple with the same questions you do several times in my book. I thought you might be interested in it and in letting your readers know about it as a resource:
Extra good wishes for the holidays


Joe Mudd December 10, 2010 at 12:48 pm

Hi Meg.

Thanks for sharing your story and your book.

We’ve both had 22 year olds lose their battle with seizures. I’ll be very interested in reading your experiences and insights.

I hope you and your family have a good holiday season and find comfort and peace.


Indian Homemaker January 29, 2011 at 3:14 am

I do believe that our children do try to communicate with us. This is how I see it, they are spirits now so maybe they can’t communicate with words – they can only communicate using feelings, signs, symbols and thoughts.

I have always been interested in taking bird pictures around our neighborhood and have always observed birds very carefully, but I too have noticed a change. Two birds in particular seem to look at me and they linger in our balcony and make a lot of happy noises. I am sure this is simply a sign that my daughter is happy and wants me to somehow know this. And I am sure your son too is trying to convey the same to you.

I also dreamt of my daughter on the 3rd of Jan, my mom said that could be because I was thinking of her, but I am sure it was not that. She was smiling her usual smile, but it was different, I have never seen that smile in real world, a perfect, kind, tender, loving, purest possible smile – so I couldn’t have imagined it. In my dream I told her after that meeting with her, I could live with her death!

Another friend who lost her daughter last December saw a similar dream and like me she too felt there was something special about that dream. And she too has no doubt it was her daughter reassuring her that she was fine and that she loved her. So if you do feel something different about the birds and the many butterflies (I find that most amazing) – then it must be true.


Joe Mudd January 30, 2011 at 12:19 am

There are two major universities in our area. They’re big rivals in basketball and football. Richard was a fan of one and I’m a big fan of the other. The team color of Richard’s team is red; mine is blue.

Last winter, our first without him, we had a lot of cardinals (red) and bluejays (blue – of course). Sometimes a cardinal would hop across the ground, right up in front of the window I watched from, and just watch me while I watched him.

This winter there aren’t near as many cardinals and bluejays. This winter we are being visited by large numbers of doves. The symbol of peace.

I hope it’s a sign.

Thanks for sharing your story here.


Jackie January 27, 2012 at 10:41 pm

I, too, look for signs in nature. And then I become angry with myself. I wonder if I am just making up things in my head, trying to comfort myself. For example, the other day I went to my son’s grave. And there was a beautiful black and blue butterfly. And yes, this is Texas and it’s somewhat warm…but it is January, for goodness sake! I want to hear from him so bad. Anything…a stupid butterfly, a dream….anything….I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye….


Micky December 11, 2012 at 1:49 pm

I lost my Son, Todd in March of 2012. In August, I went to Michigan to visit with my Mom. I was able to talk to her and through her wisdom and comfort gain a bit of peace about Todds death. I remember talking to him and telling him I wish he was there to visit with his granny again. That night, early morning hours, I was awakened by a noise I didn’t recognize. After a few moments I realized it was rain hitting trees outside. A calm summer night storm had rolled in. I got out of bed, and went outside on the porch to enjoy the rain. As I’m watching, a small green frog hops from the grass to the flower bed and then straight up to me and sits right in front of me. I chuckled and said to the frog…”Is that you Todd?” and he croaked! I laughed and said, ” Do that again if you are,” and he did it again!
The funny part is, my sons nickname was “Frog” Yes, I do believe that our loved ones can come back in whatever form they know will get the point across…that they are still with us and love us!


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