Richards Tree

Richard's dogwood in full bloom.

by Joe Mudd on May 9, 2011

We’ve seen a lot of ideas for creating memorials since we began this journey of dealing with Richards death. We’ve received many as gifts from people that cared about Richard and us.

We get reminded of one every time we go to our church.  Last year a dogwood tree was planted on the church campus in memory of Richard.

Right now that tree is bloomed out and beautiful. It’s still a small tree, but it’s showing off right now.

Richard's dogwood showing off.

Richard's dogwood showing off.

I appreciate this remembrance of our son. There is comfort in this enduring tribute. Knowing year after year this tree will decorate our little corner of the world with its flowery display. As it calls attention to itself, it will also remind all that see it of Richard’s existence on the earth.

Memorial plaque for Richard.

This memorial plaque is at the base of the tree.

I can imagine many years from now, when we are gone too, people coming to church in the spring will come over to admire the beautiful dogwood blossoms.

They’ll see the plaque and say, “Who was Richard Mudd?”

He’ll be the mystery man.

They’ll probably think he was a big donor to the church. Figure him for a big money, high roller kind of guy. Well, maybe he would have been someday.

But they’ll have something to think about, and Richard will be remembered for many years – even by people that will never know him.

If your looking for a lasting memorial as a tribute to a lost loved one, or as a gift to the bereaved, you should consider a nice flowering tree.

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C R May 11, 2011 at 2:47 pm

Happy Birthday Richard from one who loves you at Annunciation Catholic Church.


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