A Final Accounting

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by Joe Mudd on November 11, 2009

As the court appointed administrator for Richard’s estate I have to provide the court an inventory of his estate.

First off, it strikes me as funny the very notion of Richard having an estate. When I think of estates, I think about houses, farms, money, cars. Richard did have a small mutual fund account. And because the summer session at his college had just started when he died, the school refunded the tuition. While I paid the tuition, Richard was legally an adult, so they issued the check to him. So that also became part of his estate.

But mostly he had credit card bills.

It’s sad taking inventory of your child’s stuff. And placing a small dollar value on it. When really that stuff has a great value in memories and dreams. No dollar amount can replace that.

But I took my accounting to my lawyer and signed the proper forms.

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Claudia July 10, 2013 at 5:23 pm

I know what you went through, my daughter Alexis was only 17. When we were trying to cash her stocks for her college fund, they would not give us the money even though my husband is the custodian. What 17 year old has an estate or will? I was so tempted to gather all her Star Wars collection, DVD movies, clothes and shoes and throw at their face and say “here that’s her estate”. Now on top of the funeral expense that we have , we have to go to probate court file documents and probably have to hire an attorney. We are suffering already but the hits just keep on coming !


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