Legal Issues

Back To Court

Thumbnail image for Back To Court October 26, 2011

I’ve recently been trying to close Richard’s checking account. I know I should have done this a long time ago, but you just can’t rush some things. I would have just kept on waiting but Chase forced me into it because they started charging a “service fee” on the account. In a couple of more […]

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Time to Amend FMLA

Thumbnail image for Time to Amend FMLA January 21, 2011

How long do you need off work after your child dies? I’m sure this is different for everyone. Grieving is like that. But I’m also sure the 2 or 3 days many employers allow isn’t near enough. A Plan For Change Kelly Farley of The Grieving Dads Project just sent out this email: Dear Friends […]

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Last 1040

Thumbnail image for Last 1040 April 15, 2010

April 15th. Tax day. Doing my taxes has never been one of my favorite things. Probably not yours either. Just seeing all that money that was taken away from us, and knowing it was just the tip of the iceberg with all the other taxes we pay on a day-t0-day basis, I usually end up in […]

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A Final Accounting

Thumbnail image for A Final Accounting November 11, 2009

As the court appointed administrator for Richard’s estate I have to provide the court an inventory of his estate. First off, it strikes me as funny the very notion of Richard having an estate. When I think of estates, I think about houses, farms, money, cars. Richard did have a small mutual fund account. And […]

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A Day in Court

Thumbnail image for A Day in Court September 22, 2009

Yesterday I got to go to court. In order to get access to Richard’s bank account and his mutual fund, I have to be the administrator of his estate. I won’t go into how strange it sounds to talk about Richard’s estate – when he owed more than he owned. The lawyers call this an […]

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Probate Problems

Thumbnail image for Probate Problems September 10, 2009

I was supposed to go to court on Monday to start probate on Richard’s estate. The purpose of the proceeding is to give me legal authority to handle Richard’s financial affairs. I need this authority to close out his accounts and clear up the final details of his financial life. My lawyer called today. Whether […]

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The Death Certificate Arrives

Thumbnail image for The Death Certificate Arrives August 14, 2009

Well it took almost three months but the wait is finally over. The death certificate has arrived. This means I can at last get started dealing with the legal, financial details of Richard’s death. I can now unlock his various accounts. I can go to court and get official control. I can then get the […]

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