Grieving Sucks

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by Joe Mudd on August 31, 2009

Grieving for a lost child takes pain to a whole new level.

This site is the story of our journey through grief for our lost son Richard. Therapy maybe.  I’ll probably also share some stories about Richard. We were very proud of him and like all grieving parents, we don’t want him to be forgotten.

By sharing this story I hope I can help you, if you too have lost your child.

Richard would have been 23 today. So this site is a birthday present to him.

Happy Birthday son. I miss you.

Why this website is here.

Richard’s story.

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Messenger From Above?

Thumbnail image for Messenger From Above? November 23, 2015

We started getting visits a few days ago from the bird pictured above. It showed up Friday morning. It’s a female cardinal. She made herself known by flying over to the window and flitting around the glass, getting Debbie’s attention. She started flying back and forth from the lilac bush outside our kitchen to the […]

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Cargo Pants and Patches

Thumbnail image for Cargo Pants and Patches September 19, 2014

I don’t know how many other grieving parents can say this, but Richard and I were about the same size. He was just a shade taller than me, but we were close to the same. That means I have his clothes. I have his shoes. Shirts, pants, socks – the whole wardrobe now belongs to […]

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It’s Been a Long Time

Thumbnail image for It’s Been a Long Time September 1, 2014

Today is Richard’s birthday. It’s the sixth one we’ve had to “celebrate” without him. We once again took a couple of big mylar, helium filled balloons and some flowers to the cemetery. We told him Happy Birthday and released the balloons to the heavens. I haven’t posted anything on this site in a long time. […]

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A Father In Need Of Prayers

Thumbnail image for A Father In Need Of Prayers July 16, 2012

Father Mike is the pastor at our church. He gives some pretty good homilies. He gave one a few weeks ago that’s had me thinking since. He was talking about sins of omission and sins of commission. He likes to bring in examples from recent news, and this Sunday one of the examples he used was the story […]

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What Do You Remember?

Thumbnail image for What Do You Remember? February 19, 2012

Maybe it’s because we’re getting close to the anniversary of Richards’s death – it’s just a few months away. Or it could be because today is my birthday, and those family events cause me to reflect on the past. I’ve been thinking back on that time nearly three years ago, when we found out he […]

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Go To The Top

Thumbnail image for Go To The Top February 10, 2012

As a young family we didn’t take many big vacations. We decided shortly after Sarah was born to become a one income family, so money was always tight. Big vacations cost big bucks. There was also that little matter of my not wanting to travel much. Let me take a few trips around the yard […]

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Groovy Grieving Music

Thumbnail image for Groovy Grieving Music February 7, 2012

Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak. I’ve read, that things inanimate have mov’d, And, as with living Souls, have been inform’d, By Magick Numbers and persuasive Sound. What then am I? Am I more senseless grown Than Trees, or Flint? O force of constant Woe! […]

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Upcoming Compassionate Friends Conferences

Thumbnail image for Upcoming Compassionate Friends Conferences January 7, 2012

Dennis Apple, author of Life After The Death of My Son: What I’m Learning, sent a note the other day telling me about a Compassionate Friends (TCF) regional conference that he’s part of. So I thought I’d share some info here about a couple of upcoming TCF regional conferences. Sunflowers of Hope Regional Conference of […]

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A Prayer Request

Thumbnail image for A Prayer Request December 23, 2011

Tonight my cousin Denise lost her daughter Jessica. It brings back memories of that night two and a half years ago. Debbie and I were sitting on our couch going through every picture of Richard we could find. We sat there crying, hugging and, if you can believe it, laughing as we looked at the images […]

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Crazy Thoughts?

Thumbnail image for Crazy Thoughts? December 4, 2011

After your kid leaves this earth you do a lot of thinking – at least I do. I come up with some pretty crazy ideas too. A few months before Richard died I was involved in a truck crash. My Toyota pickup truck verses a Big Rig. It ran over me on I-64. It was […]

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The Last Jolly Rancher

Thumbnail image for The Last Jolly Rancher October 30, 2011

Richard was a fan of Jolly Ranchers. In case you don’t know,  Jolly Ranchers are rectangular blocks of fruit flavored hard candy. Each Jolly Rancher comes individually wrapped in cellophane wrappers. He had lots of them in his apartment. There were a couple of containers of them on his desk. There was a cup full on an […]

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Back To Court

Thumbnail image for Back To Court October 26, 2011

I’ve recently been trying to close Richard’s checking account. I know I should have done this a long time ago, but you just can’t rush some things. I would have just kept on waiting but Chase forced me into it because they started charging a “service fee” on the account. In a couple of more […]

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Unfinished Business

Thumbnail image for Unfinished Business October 14, 2011

Today I’m exhausted. I’ve begun the process of taking care of all my unfinished Richard business. It’s a pretty impressive to-do list. There are just so many little things that need to be done, so many loose ends that need tying. In the early days after Richard’s death I had a lot of energy to […]

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What Does The Soul Know?

Thumbnail image for What Does The Soul Know? September 23, 2011

It’s now been two and a quater years since Richard died. It seems like it was just yesterday, and it feels like it’s been a lifetime. After all this time, I still often feel like it’s not real… like Richard is still here. I often expect him to walk into the house, and just flash that […]

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Beyond Tears by Ellen Mitchell

Thumbnail image for Beyond Tears by Ellen Mitchell August 5, 2011

There are certain truisms in life. One of them is that it goes against the natural order of things to bury one’s child. However, as bereaved mothers we can no longer believe in natural order. Our comfortable, secure lives, our innocence, all were shattered with the deaths of our children. Now our reality is upside […]

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Purple Martin Air Force

Thumbnail image for Purple Martin Air Force June 25, 2011

Squadron Leader: “Attack Group 1 – “Red alert! I repeat, red alert! Form up on my tail, we’re making a frontal assault” Purple Wing One: “Roger Squadron Leader. Purple Wing One forming on the right.” Purple Wing Two: “Purple Wing Two forming on your left wing, over.” Squadron Leader: “Attack Group 2 – form up on […]

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Do You Watch Old Home Movies?

Thumbnail image for Do You Watch Old Home Movies? June 24, 2011

My aunt Sally died last weekend. Her funeral was today. The funeral home people provided my uncle and cousins with a nice memorial page that included a slide show of pictures of Sally. I remember going through pictures of Richard on that night when we found out he was gone. The next day, Sarah, the […]

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Full Moon

Thumbnail image for Full Moon June 23, 2011

When I got home from work the other night there was a big ol’ full moon in the midnight sky. Like I do most times the moon lights the sky, I stood there beside my car for several minutes just staring up at it. Richard always liked the moon. As I gazed up into the […]

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Daddy’s Little Girl

Thumbnail image for Daddy’s Little Girl May 28, 2011

Today is Sarah’s birthday. And yes, as the title says, she’s daddy’s little girl. My little princess. Always has been, always will be. She was born the day after our first wedding anniversary. In fact, we spent our first anniversary at the hospital. Debbie’s water broke early that morning, so we spent the entire day […]

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Anniversaries and Such

Thumbnail image for Anniversaries and Such May 27, 2011

Today Debbie and I have been married 28 years. I’ve now been married for half my life. No question, the married half has been better than the single half. I remember standing up there at the front of church, waiting for Debbie to make the trip down the aisle. I didn’t think it would be […]

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Two Years

Thumbnail image for Two Years May 23, 2011

It’s now May 23rd… two years from the day Richard died. Yeah, I know the “official” date is the 28th of May. But that wasn’t when he died, it’s when they found him in his apartment. In my heart I know he died on this day. We were at the farm that day. I remember […]

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Grief Gut

Thumbnail image for Grief Gut May 22, 2011

Let’s get one thing clear right at the start… that isn’t a picture 0f me. Most of the images used on this site came from my camera. But not that one. I bought that one. And I’ve never eaten more than half a pie at one time. Oh, and another thing. Debbie tells me she’s […]

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Richards Tree

Thumbnail image for Richards Tree May 9, 2011

We’ve seen a lot of ideas for creating memorials since we began this journey of dealing with Richards death. We’ve received many as gifts from people that cared about Richard and us. We get reminded of one every time we go to our church.  Last year a dogwood tree was planted on the church campus […]

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Final Four

Thumbnail image for Final Four April 25, 2011

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament will always bring back memories of Richard. The early rounds are played all over the country. There are a lot of games. The last games of each round get late starts, so it’s not unusual for one or two to still be in action when I get home from work after […]

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Words of Wisdom, Hearts of Love

Thumbnail image for Words of Wisdom, Hearts of Love March 27, 2011

We just attended our second TCF Frankfort KY Regional Conference, titled “Words of Wisdom, Hearts of Love.” This conference was scheduled for Friday and Saturday at the Capital Plaza Hotel in Frankfort, KY. The Best Plans of Mice and Grieving Parents We only live 30 minutes from the conference site, but we planned to spend […]

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Heaven Is For Real – Book Review

Thumbnail image for Heaven Is For Real – Book Review March 14, 2011

Heaven is real. Can there be more important or beautiful words that any grieving parents could hear? Yeah, there could be better words. “Honey, wake up! You’re having a nightmare,” or “There’s been a big mistake, your son isn’t dead, he’s just been in the witness protection program. But it’s all OK now, so he […]

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The Suit That Never Was

Thumbnail image for The Suit That Never Was March 7, 2011

Our church consists of two separate church buildings connected by a central hall. There is the mid 1800’s era church we now call The Chapel. Our main church, the one where all the Sunday Masses are conducted is on the other side of the hall. We call that one The Church. The Church’s entry doors […]

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Expecto Patronum

Thumbnail image for Expecto Patronum March 5, 2011

When the kids were young one of my jobs was reading to them at night. First I’d read to Richard, then I’d go upstairs and read to Sarah. It gave me a chance to spend one-on-one time with my kids. I got to read a lot of good books I wouldn’t have ever read on […]

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Church On TV and A Marathon

Thumbnail image for Church On TV and A Marathon March 1, 2011

It was the Sunday before the SuperBowl. This was a Sunday with no football. Yeah, there was the Pro Bowl but come on, really, that’s not football. I didn’t want to watch that. What to do? The USA Network came to the rescue. They ran a 12 hour NCIS marathon. Starting with the very first […]

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Another Stumbling Block

Thumbnail image for Another Stumbling Block February 17, 2011

After Richard’s death one of the item I had to decide on was about cars. I was using a 1995 Toyota Camry as my driving to work car. Had 160,000 something miles on it. Richard had a 2004 Toyota Corolla with less than a third of the miles my Camry had. I needed to figure […]

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Review: life after the death of my son: what I’m learning – by Dennis Apple

Thumbnail image for Review: life after the death of my son: what I’m learning – by Dennis Apple February 6, 2011

Several months before his death, Richard was home for the weekend and he was looking at one of my bookcases. On one shelf he spotted a stack of books about seizures and epilepsy. He looked at them and asked me, “Why do you have all these?” “Because you have that little time bomb in your […]

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Legacy Memorial Websites

Thumbnail image for Legacy Memorial Websites January 29, 2011

The Compassionate Friends has partnered with the people at to bring you a special deal on a memorial website for your lost child. You can get a 14 day free trial to try their system and you will also get a 25% discount on your first year sponsorship. That’s what they call their hosting […]

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Good Grief by Granger Westberg

Thumbnail image for Good Grief by Granger Westberg January 27, 2011

This little 64 page book is the first book about grief I added to my library. Joanne, wife of Deacon John Shoulta from our church handed it to me at the funeral home during the visitation. It’s so small it fit in the inside pocket of my suit jacket. I think I read it that […]

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Time to Amend FMLA

Thumbnail image for Time to Amend FMLA January 21, 2011

How long do you need off work after your child dies? I’m sure this is different for everyone. Grieving is like that. But I’m also sure the 2 or 3 days many employers allow isn’t near enough. A Plan For Change Kelly Farley of The Grieving Dads Project just sent out this email: Dear Friends […]

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How to Summit Grieving’s Everyday Mountains

Thumbnail image for How to Summit Grieving’s Everyday Mountains January 20, 2011

The blog Zen Habits is one of the most popular on the Internet. The following post is an adaptation of a post called A Guide to Reaching Life’s Summits. I thought many of the points and tips in the Zen Habits post apply to the grieving parent’s journey up the mountain of pain we all face […]

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Helping a Grieving Parent

Thumbnail image for Helping a Grieving Parent January 17, 2011

As my shift at work was winding down that Thursday evening, I was thinking about how I would spend the vacation time I had scheduled for the next day. I was taking off on Friday to have a long weekend. My wife Debbie and I were planning to celebrate our wedding anniversary over the weekend, […]

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News Events and the Grieving Parent

Thumbnail image for News Events and the Grieving Parent January 14, 2011

Every day I have to remind myself as I get up in the morning that Richard will no longer come walking through the door asking “what’s for dinner, Mother?” As I go through the day I still am haunted by all the questions: the “woulda, coulda, shoulda,” done questions, yes, even after a year and […]

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Let’s Just Get To The Bottom Of This Hill

Thumbnail image for Let’s Just Get To The Bottom Of This Hill January 4, 2011

I read many blogs that deal with Internet Marketing.  I find the subject interesting. One of my favorites is a blog called Psychotactics by Sean D’Sousa. In his latest newsletter Sean wasn’t talking to grieving parents, but he could have been. Imagine thirty thousand menacing obstacles in your path to success. You’re dehydrated. Hungry as […]

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The Blogroll From Hell

Thumbnail image for The Blogroll From Hell December 15, 2010

I’ve built a lot of websites. One of the most important things for a website is links. It’s the life blood of the Internet. The search engines such as Google view links from other sites as votes for that site. The more links the more votes, and the higher a site will be in the […]

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Christmas Decorating at the Cemetery

Thumbnail image for Christmas Decorating at the Cemetery December 15, 2010

This past weekend Debbie and I went to the cemetery with Christmas trees. Once again we took small, real trees. We plan to take them and plant them somewhere later. Hopefully we’ll retrieve them before they disappear this time. Last year Debbie made strings of cranberries to put on the trees. Richard liked cranberries. Not that Jello […]

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The Lost Christmas Eve

Thumbnail image for The Lost Christmas Eve December 5, 2010

It may be a long night. I’m sitting here listening to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra album called “The Lost Christmas Eve.” I’m on the second repeat so far. There will probably be many more. When I get in these moods I can listen to the same music over and over for hours. The lost Christmas Eve… […]

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A Meeting Place For Grieving Dads

Thumbnail image for A Meeting Place For Grieving Dads November 17, 2010

Being a grieving dad is no fun. It has all this emotion stuff. Let’s face it, most of us guys aren’t too good with that kind of stuff. And the resources geared toward grieving dads seem to be limited. Kelley Farley, a two time grieving dad, is trying to improve that. He’s working on a […]

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Watching Football

Thumbnail image for Watching Football November 16, 2010

Football season was always one of my favorite times with Richard – at least during his more adult years. While he lived in Lexington he came to most of our pre-game tailgate parties at Commonwealth stadium, when we went to UK games. He didn’t miss much free food. He also liked to come and “discuss” the game. […]

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Silence of the Birds

Thumbnail image for Silence of the Birds October 31, 2010

It’s Halloween. Richard always had a good time with Halloween. So after church this morning we stopped in Kroger and got a couple of helium filled Mylar Halloween balloons to take to the cemetery. It was a beautiful morning, perfectly clear sky and crisp but not too cool air. A hundred feet or so from […]

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Zombie Shopping

Thumbnail image for Zombie Shopping October 23, 2010

Richard spent a few months working at Sears. He was in the tool department. He also liked Halloween. He always liked to run the haunted house at our church’s annual Halloween party. He was big into fake blood. He liked to paint on all sorts of cuts and bruises, black eyes and missing teeth. He […]

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Memorializing FaceBook

Thumbnail image for Memorializing FaceBook October 20, 2010

Richard had a Facebook account. Not too surprising, nearly every college kid does. It’s sort of a piece of his life, dangling out there in cyberspace. Debbie was one of  his “friends” on Facebook. I wasn’t. Facebook started out being limited to students only. Later they opened it up to everyone, and all us old […]

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Mr. Honesty

Thumbnail image for Mr. Honesty September 28, 2010

Early in our marriage we decided to become a one-income family so Debbie could stay home with the kids. This of course was tough for our young family to do. Money was tight. We had to do without and find bargains wherever we could. Debbie and the kids were grocery shopping.  As they wheeled down […]

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Another Birthday

Thumbnail image for Another Birthday August 31, 2010

Today is Richard’s birthday. He would be/is 24 today. This one has been harder than the last. Last year his birthday was just 3 months from his death. In fact we had just gotten his death certificate a couple of weeks before that. We were still numb. The Novocain of early grief has worn off. Richard was […]

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Note To Rush Limbaugh

Thumbnail image for Note To Rush Limbaugh August 26, 2010

Dear Rush, I was listening to your program this afternoon when you told us about your friends, the Hasara family – the one’s that became a part of this terrible club. It was a story that brought a lump to my throat. We’re getting close to the second time we’ve had to celebrate our son Richard’s […]

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Can the Dead Communicate Using Nature?

Thumbnail image for Can the Dead Communicate Using Nature? August 7, 2010

I was sitting on my Cracker Barrel rocking chair this morning, sipping coffee and watching the hummingbirds put on a show. We’ve been putting out feeders for them the past several summers. We’ve seen them flying around our feeders and enjoyed watching them. But this year they are different. There are a lot of them. […]

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